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Show your true colors (brand value)

Never before have your brand value mattered so much to customers as it does today. Build an emotional connection between your brand and customers by being transparent about how your products are made, how you do your part for the environment, and how your products are recycled

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Spread the brand value

The more content you can build and share on brand value, the better. Customers trust brands that share their own brand values and are more likely to connect and share with you online if you have this type of content on your social media. According to a study by Wunderman 89% of customers are loyal to brands that share their values.

Use a unique brand value

Brand values have to be memorable and as unique to you as possible. It goes without saying that you can’t copy a competitor and hope for the best. Set a strategy for how to develop your brand values and how to communicate it out to your customers afterward.

Your brand values should describe your three Ps: purpose, personality, and proposition, and be displayed clearly on your website and in your communication. This will be the core of your marketing, and the content based around it. Your message should be clear, easy to understand, and actionable – meaning that you do your part to live up to the brand values. Think about a few of your favorite brands and see what they have in common when it comes to values. 

Skype – keeps the world talking, for free
Spotify – soundtrack your life
Uber – setting the world in motion

What do they have in common? They’re simple, actionable, and immediately recognizable.

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Create content

Customers want to be loyal to a company that shares their values. Therefore, it’s important to communicate with customers in a fun, personal way to increase click rates. Connect the two by creating interesting content about your brand values in your email marketing. According to a study by E-tailing, including a video in your emails increases click-throughs by 96%! Youtube is in fact the second biggest social network out there, so having a video presence is likely to boost your brand and increase sales. Build a library of videos about your brand and your products and set up marketing automation to get them out sent out on a regular basis.

Be an inspiration

An important factor in building brand love and trust is that you practice what you preach. One brand that has done so successfully, is outdoor wear and equipment store Patagonia, in the U.S. The brand was started by surfers and climbers who truly embody the nature loving lifestyle. Their website states their mission statement of “We’re in business to save our home planet”. And their values are clearly stated in their marketing, with events and blog posts about their journey.

Part of Patagonia’s profits is also donated to help fight the climate crisis, distribute grants, run international campaigns to support environmental work, and more. Sign up to their newsletter and you will get a welcome with stunning imagery and videos, blog posts about their climate work, and not a single product promotion. It’s perhaps no wonder then why when customers were asked to describe the brand they said ethical, eco-conscious, and trustworthy first. There is no question that Patagonia is staying true to its mission.


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