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Launch a re-engagement campaign

The moment a customer subscribes to your email lists is usually when they are the most engaged with your brand and unfortunately it often goes down from there. As time goes on, the customers get used to hearing from you and some of them will become inactive. This is inevitable, but there is definitely an opportunity to win some of them back and this is called a re-engagement campaign.

1. Set a strategy for the re-engagement campaign

Who are you trying to win back with the re-engagement campaign? Those who haven’t opened emails in a month? Who hasn’t made a purchase? It’s important to distinguish between different kinds of inactivity and decide how you will proceed. Part of your strategy also involves planning what to say and which channel to use. You might want to create personal offers such as vouchers or gifts to pick up in your store in hopes of them making another purchase during the visit as well.

2. Segment

It’s time to create your segment(s) of inactive customers. Perform a search in Voyado for contacts who haven’t made a purchase in the past 90 days for example. Don’t forget to exclude contacts who became members less than 90 days ago as they may not have had time to make a purchase yet. Time to save your list.

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3. Create an attention-grabbing email

If your contacts open your re-engagement campaign email, this is your chance to win them back. Create an email that plays to the customer’s emotional side, noting that you’d be sad to see them go. But show your fun side too, with a GIF or fun character. Make sure the email provides value as well. Add some interesting content to remind them why they signed up in the first place.

4. If they have to go…

…make sure there’s an option to not unsubscribe from all communication. Give them the option to only receive one email per week or month instead.

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5. Ask for feedback

If they decide to unsubscribe, after all, take the opportunity to ask for some feedback here. Why did they sign up in the first place and what are they missing from your communication? Even if you have lost these customers, the insights will help with future engagement level drops.

One last tip! To prevent more customers from leaving, see the red flags by using predictive churn scoring.


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