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How to keep a clean email list

Keeping a clean email list shouldn't be that hard, right? But sometimes the urge of having a large list takes over, and you go quantity before quality. This post talks about the importance of doing it the other way around: quality before quantity.

How to keep a clean email list

Think quality over quantity when it comes to your clean email list. You could have the largest email list in the world, but if there are emails in there that are misspelled, the recipients regularly mark your emails as spam or the recipients don’t actually exist. You risk that your email won’t be delivered to the rest of your list – including the people who actually look forward to hearing from you.

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Opted-in contacts

Always make sure that your list only contains proper opted-in contacts. Build good relationships, not large send out lists – this is pretty much list hygiene in a nutshell! Don’t force in new email addresses in the lists through negative opt-in or vague opt-in terms. Be very clear with your subscribers in regard to what they can expect from your communication.

Ensure that the email addresses you have in your lists are confirmed by using confirmed opt-in:

  • Double opt-in through the confirmation email
  • Dual fields for entering the email address
  • Email address validation in forms

Avoiding spam traps

Set up a monthly or weekly task to analyze what’s happening with your list quality. If you notice a decreasing pattern in opening rates or increase in bounces, check why this is happening before it’s too late.

How to keep a clean email list in Voyado

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