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Create retail campaigns to increase sales in retail

How do you create the best campaigns to increase sales in retail? It’s a big question you ask yourself as a retailer. In this post we’ll give you all the information you need – in order to set up the foundation of a successful retail campaign. Intrigued? Keep reading!

The definition of a retail campaign  

Let’s just clarify what a retail campaign is – because it can be tricky! A campaign is a phrase used to describe some kind of activity with specific goals – for example, to increase retail sales –  that run for a set amount of time. It can, and should, be communicated in multiple channels like social media, emails, and texts. 

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Guidelines for creating a retail campaign that increase sales in retail

Know your customers 

By analyzing relevant data, you’ll get information about your customers’ interests, behaviors, and what they like. This works as the foundation when creating a campaign. But remember – customers are not just data in a system, they’re humans as well! So make sure to evoke emotion in your communication. Talk to the customers in a human way to create a personal connection.

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Be brave and stand out

To create a buzz campaign – you have to stand out. When you have an idea, research to see if anyone has done something similar before. Because you don’t want to be a copycat. The uniqueness of your campaign is also what can determine if the content gets shared by people. They don’t share stuff they have seen before.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer

This might be the best advice we will give you. Put yourself in the shoes of your targeted customer. Do you like the campaign? Do you understand it, and would you share it? Look at things like the copy, pictures, colors, feeling of it – the whole shebang! Do you love it? You have a winner. 

Use multiple channels in your campaign to increase sales in retail

The more channels, the broader reach. But it’s crucial that the message is tailored to the specific channels you are using because your customers are using different channels for different purposes. Plus, you need to make sure the customers you are targeting, actually use the channels you have chosen!

Follow up

Did you reach your goal? If not – evaluate what you could have done differently. If you did – yay! Analyze the results nitty-gritty style, and use the goodies to make the next campaign even better. To be able to do this effectively, you need a platform that gives you all the data you need to follow up on all the metrics – in one place.

Inspirational example

To leave you feeling a little bit more inspired, here’s an example of a retail campaign that created an online buzz:

  • Carlsberg – probably not the best beer in the world. The beer company relaunched in 2019 and communicated that they are probably not the best beer company in the world (but better than before). It has been received as their most honest campaign. And Carlsberg admits that they were too focused on quantity, not quality, before the relaunch. They analyzed what their customers needed and were brave enough to create an honest, human campaign.

We hope this post gave you new insights on how to create your next online-buzzing campaign!


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