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Brand building automation

Linda Ersbacken

Ever thought about why Coca Cola still do commercials? It’s not usually to promote an offer or flavor, they don’t need to. It’s because when you’re standing in the store, debating over a soda, Coca Cola should come first to mind. Think about your brand building automations in the same way. Being your customer provides more value than just coupons.



If you’re a grocery store, set up an automation that talks about how you source your products: “Meet your local baker” or “Your fresh milk comes from this farm”. As with the Coca Cola example, a customer debating where to shop will have a preference to what they know. Automation give you the opportunity to focus your communication on what customers have taken an interest in.

Let’s say you’re a beauty brand that sells sunscreen, start an automation for people who have previously clicked on these items and start a workflow just for them. That way you build the customer relationship, send relevant content and increase open and click rates, all at the same time.

Other automations that come to mind when building a relationship is how to take care of the item purchased and letting the customer know when it’s time for a repair, upgrade or service.

With Voyado, you can build these automations and so much more. Really connect with your customers with personalized communication, analyze your customer data and set up personal offers. Get in touch today to find out how Voyado can take your marketing and CRM to the next level.


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