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8 boxes to check before choosing your retail loyalty solutions

You understand the benefits of using retail loyalty solutions – and now you need to decide which one to choose. It’s a pretty important decision, so make sure you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to choosing!

Here’s a list of 8 boxes to check before choosing retail loyalty solutions


Face your challenges 

The goal is to keep customers and improve sales, but it’s important to find the underlying challenges that have kept you from reaching that goal. These challenges will be the foundation of your system requirement specification. What do for example you want the customer loyalty platform to help you with?

          • Are you struggling to gather all the data in one place?
          • Opening rate and CTR of your newsletter decreasing?
          • Are you seeing a trend of customers leaving your brand?
          • Do you have a hard time attracting recurring customers?
          • Are you using several different platforms to get to know your customers and create personalized communication?


How to keep your customers – step by step Download guide


What budget do you have for choosing your retail loyalty solutions?

Before you go any further with a system – look into the price model. There’s no use in getting excited about a system and not being able to fit it into your budget. 



Is it a user-friendly retail loyalty solution?

This is a big one! Is the system easy to use? The easier it is, the more valuable time you will save. It’s also easier to be creative in a system that’s user-friendly and easy to learn! Plus, find a platform you can use without having to hire expensive consultants to make it work.


Does the platform fit into your infrastructure? 

Make sure the platform you choose is easily integrated with other platforms you are using today. It will be crucial for your efficiency that the platform fits into your existing infrastructure. 



Do you share the same values?

This is probably more important than you think. Having the same values and mindset as the system provider can determine how well the customer loyalty platform will suit you. You also need to trust the provider to be there for you and help you along the way. And if you are keen on staying on top and moving fast, you’ll need a provider who has the same goal and who’s releasing new features and updating existing ones. 


Involve the superusers 

Make sure you involve the people who will use the system daily in the decision-making process. They are the ones that need to fall in love with the platform since they will be responsible for making sure all the magic happens!




Choose two or three customer loyalty platforms you like – then you compare! Use all the good stuff you have in your system requirement specification when you compare. Does the platform meet your requirements and fit into your budget? Also, make sure you choose a provider that has your best interest at heart, who will provide support and be there for you.


Prepare to invest time

This last one is just a reminder that in order to get the best results possible you’ll need to invest time in understanding the platform and its features, and educate the superusers. So make sure the platform provider offers an effective onboarding process and gives you all the support you need. Because although you need to invest time, the setup of the platform should be easy and time efficient!


But remember, choosing a customer loyalty platform is more than a one-time setup – it’s an ongoing process. Don’t worry though – it’s meant to be fun, and it will change the way you and your colleagues work!

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Good luck with finding your perfect fit! 

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