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The reason we partner up with companies is that we want to provide the most comprehensive platform there is for our customers, with smooth integrations and awesome collaborations.

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Why Voyado ?

Here’s why our customers chose Voyado

Tailored for retail

You won’t find a better platform to increase customer loyalty in retail. And we say that with confidence because we’ve been focusing solely on building Voyado for the retailer. And where attention goes, energy flows – so to speak.

Easy and fun to use

It’s important for us that Voyado is used by our customers – without you having to pay for consultants. That’s why we made this powerful platform super easy to use and implement. Plus, our customers say it’s really fun to use!

The care and support

The reason we’re mentioning the true care and support we will give you as our customer – is because of the simple fact that it’s 100 % true. Our values are heavily grounded in taking care of our customers and make you shine

This is why you should partner up with Voyado

By becoming our partner, you will be able to simplify the experience and enable success for your customers. And you’ll get to take part in the best data-driven insights we’ve collected through the years in retail.

  • You’ll be a part of a large network of retail companies
  • Take part of all the knowledge we have gained from working in this field for many years
  • Get insights from the huge customer base that we have built from working with retail companies

What our partners say

Its privilege to be partners with Voyado - one of the leading CRM/Loyalty providers in Nordics. Not only do they have a great product but their team is fantastic to work with as well, and if you add the synergies between Nosto and Voyado product you have in my option a perfect match.

Pär Form - Partner Manager

The reason we ended up with partnering up with Voyado was much due to their retail focus and simplicity of both implementing it but more importantly the simplicity for our customers marketing department to actually use it.
Voyado gives our customer the ability to whiteboard a customer strategy in the morning and be able to execute on it in the afternoon without including IT.

Marko Rytkönen - Country Manager

Being partner of Voyado allows us to make our customers 'Easy to Love' by applying their customer data.

Paul Kieviet - CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find some of our most frequently asked questions about partnerships.

What does a partnership with Voyado look like?

We have individual partner programs that look different depending on the company. In some cases, we’ll set up an agreement with certain responsibilities and there might be a kick-back involved. And in other cases, the partnership is just a great relationship where we learn from each other.

How do I know if we are a good match?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, it's probably a match:
Do we share the same customers? Are you also working for or with retailers? Do we complement each other technically?

What can I expect from being a partner with Voyado?

You'll get an individual partner program with an established process for onboarding. And you will get to chose your partner level. Plus, we'll help with marketing-, services-, customer success-, sales- and lead generation support.

Everything you need to create customer loyalty

It might be a lot to take in – one platform with the power of seven different ones? Yup, it’s true. But we’re not trying to brag here, we want you to see it for yourself!

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