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Shopping behaviors in 2021 – e-com and retail customers spend 28% more in 2021

The Voyado Index has become a very important report for e-com and retail businesses to benchmark their numbers. This year is no different! This Voyado Index is based on aggregated and anonymous data from 16 million purchase occasions – comparing shopping behavior from January 1st to March 31st 2020 to the same dates in 2021. Read this short summary for a sneak peek and make sure to download the entire report to get all the stats.

Emails are performing better

The email marketing channel is one of the most cost-effective ones out there. So, we’re guessing you will be excited to hear that both open- and click rate has gone up since 2020! This change in shopping behavior is great news. It might have to do with the fact that brands are using more personalized fields in their emails – a whole 76% more to be precise. It indicates that your customers want to engage with your emails, and they are willing to. You just have to learn what makes them tick! Below, you can see the graph that shows how the personalization rate of emails has gone up.

Customers spend more money this year

Another customer behavior that is interesting is that after almost one year with covid-19 restrictions – customers spend more money on shopping this year! The average receipt, including both e-com and in-store, has gone up by 28%. E-com is the channel where customers spend the most, so online shopping continues to flourish to say the least! But the in-store receipt has also gone up. Below, you can see the e-com average receipt per gender and age group.

Average e-com receipt for women on the left, and for men on the right.

Download the full report to see the shopping behavior in 2021

There is a lot more to learn from this report! When you download you will see all these numbers in detail, plus a lot of other statistics you can use to benchmark! Get the report here.




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