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Voyado Elevate

Automated merchandizing for e‑commerce

Intelligent merchandizing for online retailers that gets the best out of AI and machine learning to automate putting the right products in front of the right customers, with you remaining in full control. Built with over 15 years’ experience of e-commerce retail solutions.

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Optimize your entire e‑commerce site

Elevate provides e-commerce managers with AI-powered, business objective-driven online merchandizing that increases customer lifetime value. Voyado Elevate is a unified solution offering:

  • An optimal mix of automation (AI) and manual input.
  • Personalize every site visit with more relevant recommendations.
  • Detects behavioral patterns and trends, providing instant, relevant and localized customer experiences.

This is how e‑commerce merchandizing works

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Delivers in real-time
Voyado Elevate learns from visitors’ behavior in real-time, anticipating their intent, and adapts the results to rank the most relevant products higher, maximizing your sales. Easy-to-use tools ensure there’s still room for a merchandiser’s human touch.
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Maximize business goals
Elevate enables you to automatically optimize what kind of products to expose on your site based on which business objective you choose: more conversions or higher revenue or profit. A/B test to check impact of a change. You switch strategy to catch pay-days or to sell out old stock.
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Actionable insights
When running on auto-pilot, it is easy fear you are losing control. Here is where data on key metrics become so essential. Having actionable insights at your fingertips lets you see if an adjustment needs to be made, whether to change a promotion, adjust the exposure strategy, or finetune a category page.
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Promotions & demotions
To affect seasonal products, match targeted campaigns or reward house brands, you can manually boost selected products to be pushed higher up in the product listings. The opposite is to demote selected products, perfect for burying out of stock products temporarily.

”Voyado’s solution proved that you simply can’t beat the speed and relevance delivered through the use of AI technology.”

Jens Malmqvist, Store Optimisation Manager at Dustin

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Visual intelligence sets Elevate apart

Elevate automatically extracts information from images using sophisticated analysis. Color, pattern, brand, materials and occasion are just some of what can be read by Elevate. This information can then be used in search results and navigation for smoother online shopping.

With this visual intelligence, together with more features, Elevate has become the go-to product discovery engine for fashion and beauty retailers in the Nordics. When a product catalogue runs into the thousands, there is no way to manually merchandize on-site. AI is the obvious solution, and you won’t get a more sophisticated system than Voyado Elevate.

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