Game-changing customer data analytics

With the right customer data analytics, you’ll be able to create one-to-one communication with your customers to create loyalty and get the absolute most out of your marketing spend.

  • Get to know your customers, for real
  • Let AI do the heavy work for you
  • Personalize emails with marketing automation
  • Create win-back campaigns to customers who are about to churn
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How Voyado works

There are basically no limits to the customer experience you can create with Voyado. The features are all there – for you to start getting creative and give each customer exactly what they want.


This is the heart of Voyado, where all the customer data is collected and visualized. You will see all the information and actions each specific customer takes, and see which customer life cycle stage they’re at – all the purchases, earned bonuses and discounts they’ve used, just to mention a few.

You can create segmented lists based on factors like product reviews, achievements, emails opened, transactions that have been made, site visits, and much more. All the information in the CRM is searchable, and you can create dynamic lists based on any piece of information on your customer to optimize your communication.


Based on data and results, you’ll get tailored insights reports. So this is where you’ll discover new lucrative business opportunities based on certain results. You’ll find everything from how a certain email performed to how well you’re doing on recruiting members.

The insight reports are already in the system when you set it up – ready to be filled with data. They will give you the information you need in black and white, to optimize your communication with the customers and give them the best experience possible.

Marketing automation

As we’re talking about CRM as the heart of Voyado – marketing automation works as the arteries that give life to your customers. This is where you create journeys through the customer life cycle and set up emails that will be sent automatically to your customers based on what kind of action they’re taking.

You’ll build the emails with super easy drag and drop functions and you can use A/B tests for ultimate results. Use different functions to personalize the emails to make sure every customer feels special. This will save you a lot of time as the platform is working for you – following up on your customers and making them feel taken care of.

AI & predictions

AI is the future. And by using our AI-powered features, Voyado gives you automatic prediction scores, giving you insights that will allow you to stay proactive and predict each customer’s next move.

Prediction scores are a gold mine for personalized communication and for you to stay proactive. Voyado has about 75 billion contacts in the database, giving tons of different data. This data, with the help of AI, gives us the possibility to set up automatic predictions scores. In these predictions, you’ll see how long a customer will stay loyal, a specific customer lifetime value, highly relevant product recommendations, favorite brands, and send-time optimization for each customer. Unleash the power of AI and see what happens – you will be amazed.


Save valuable time by setting up just one single email to a large target audience – that will appear differently in your customer’s inbox based on segments. Design the email to fit your business, and choose whichever subsegments you want – to define what parts of the email each customer will be able to see.

For example – you can choose to show certain parts of the email to females over the age of 30 who’ve opened a certain campaign email, and some content will only be seen by males who bought a shirt within the last 30 days. Just to mention a few examples. Bottom line is that you are personalizing the same email to fit every single one of your customers.  And of course, you can use A/B-tests to make sure you’ll get the best results, and easily follow up on how the emails perform in real-time.


Customer loyalty is supposed to be fun! And it should be rewarding. You’ll find many different ways of working with this in Voyado – like checks, reward points, levels of membership, and gamification setups. What about giving your customers digital stamp cards that you design and where you make up the rules?

As fun and simple loyalty need to be for your customers – it’s just as fun and simple for you to set it up! You might need to try a few different ways of rewarding your customers, so we made it really easy for you to find what works for you. Turn on a new function you want to try out, and if you don’t want to use it anymore, just turn it off.

But why Voyado?

Explained in one sentence – because Voyado has outperformed the major dragons that are playing in the same field.

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