April product drops and spoilers

Read the latest features from Voyado: the introduction of Assisted targeting, a cutting-edge new targeting tool; fantastic performance improvements in the Alternative recommendation; and the ability to tweak competitive brands in recommendations to curate an experience for your e-commerce site—no coding required.

23 April 2024

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Introducing Assisted Targeting

Assisted Targeting is a cutting-edge targeting tool designed to elevate your marketing efforts. This new innovative targeting framework harness AI and statistical models to serve you with segments and conversion-driven tactics tailored to your unique business goals.

Experience the difference
  • Thoroughly crafted segments perfectly aligned with your objectives.
  • Precisely curated products and offerings that fit perfectly for your audience.
  • Tactics that assist you in what activities you should pursue to achieve your goals.

Assisted targeting isn’t just about data—it’s about transformation.

From predefined metrics to trend tips and beyond, Assisted targeting delivers actionable insights that drive up potential and, most importantly, relevance. The new framework will eventually replace the current segmentation tool across the platform.

Tactics coming first, ready to assist you with your targeting efforts:

  • AI targeting for lifecycle-based actions
  • AI targeting based on product affinity
  • AI targeting based on purchase personas

During 2024 we will release another 20(!) tactics that will elevate your marketing performance to new heights. Stay tuned for more.


Improved algorithms increase purchases by 6.1%

Alternative recommendations are a must-have on an e-commerce product page. They present shoppers with another option for the product they are currently looking at. In fact, most of our customers use this recommendation.

The product page is a key entry point for many shoppers. Around 75% of traffic often originates from product pages, so you want to ensure you avoid as many bounces from that traffic as possible.

We continually adjust the algorithms of our recommendations, and our latest improvement has resulted in an amazing performance increase.

+22,7% increase in clicks in that zone

+6,1% increase in purchases made from that zone

+0,12% increase in non-bounce sessions

The increases are average across all verticals.


Tweak competitive brands in recommendations—no coding required

Some brands don’t allow competitive brands to appear on product pages through recommendations. And retailers may want to prevent the “wrong” product from being displayed alongside another within a category.

You can now tweak which products are included in your recommendations, on one or more product pages. You can easily make changes by alternating the selection for any of the recommendation areas of a product page. No coding or developer help is needed.

Not all recommendations can be tweaked. Some heavily rely on shoppers’ personal data, like recently viewed items. Meanwhile, others are pre-set, such as Series recommendations, which exclusively feature products from the same series.

The following recommendation types can be tweaked:

  • Top product recommendations
    This recommendation uses combinations of aggregated data from all visitor interactions and purchases, stock levels, and information such as newness to recommend the top product right now.
  • Alternative recommendations
    This recommendation presents products that the visitor might consider buying instead of the product they’re currently viewing.
  • Upsell recommendations
    This recommendation suggests products that visitors are likely to purchase or consider based on their behavioral patterns within a similar context.
A small note of caution

The ability to tweak and curate recommendations is a powerful and flexible tool. It is recommended that it be used where the business rules require it.

All recommendations in Elevate have strong underlying algorithms that we are continually improving and updating to drive the best possible business outcome for our customers. Over-curating in the hope of outperforming the algorithms can negatively impact sales and conversion numbers.


Initiate conversations with your customers on WhatsApp

Leverage Marketing automation to initiate conversations with your customers on WhatsApp. This is a perfect way to engage with your customers in a more personal way. Provide assistance, help out with purchase decisions and offer services to boost loyalty and customer retention rates.

Read more here

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