About us

The underdog that built the best retail customer experience platform

We know there are huge dragons out there competing with us. But we have no intention of becoming one of them – we’re just focusing on our platform outperforming the rest.

We are the people of Voyado

Voyado wouldn’t be the powerful platform it is without the people behind it. Because we did our thing, which was to build the best platform for retailers who want to create an outstanding customer experience, to earn loyalty. And we succeeded – but it doesn’t end there.

Meet the team

Take a look at the ones who started Voyado, and some of our other lovely faces. And see if there’s a job opening that might just be your calling.

when it all started


employees in 2021


offices in Stockholm, Norrköping, Åre, Skellefteå and Amsterdam


This is what Voyado delivers


To create out of the box customer experiences in Voyado. But also simplicity to get started and connect with other platforms and software.


Try finding an employee at Voyado who isn’t walking the extra mile to help a customer succeed. It’s in our veins, and the commitment we all feel is almost tangible.


We have been challenging the industry, ourselves, and our customers. Since day one.

Some carefully chosen big years in our history


Revide was founded by Bäckarlin, Lindström, and Selegård as a start-up in Norrköping, Sweden. In the beginning, the focus was on building websites for pizza places, but it didn’t take long until a marketing platform called eClub was born.


The platform was completely rebuilt – with simplicity as its main focus. It became a cloud-based solution and was fully placed in Azure.


We changed our name to Voyado and partnered with Oculos in Norway – which means Voyado went international!

Can you see yourself being called a Voyadoer?

Everyone loves the underdog that rose to the occasion and showed the world they’re the best – by just being themselves. We are always focusing on the greatness of our colleagues, platform, and customers. Are you ready to join?

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Because you owe it to yourself and your brand! Find out for yourself what it is about Voyado that makes so many retailers chose this particular customer loyalty platform.

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