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CAIA Cosmetics invests in Voyado CXP to support global growth

Voyado proudly welcomes CAIA Cosmetics!

CAIA is a true D2C success story. Founded in 2018 by Bianca Ingrosso, the company now distributes online sales in 8 countries. CAIA invested in Voyado CXP to give all their customers hyper-personalized, one-to-one experiences that match their success.

As CAIA continues to grow and expand its D2C operation globally, they needed a CXP that allows them to store, collect and act on all their customer data. CAIA looked for all the functionalities a fast-growing brand needs – like creating micro-segments and dynamic customer audiences to stay personal and relevant. They found Voyado to be the perfect fit, and one of the main reasons is the ability to easily set up complex marketing automation flows to support the customer lifecycle.

Why Voyado is the best fit

“Voyado has all the functionalities we need to work with customer lifecycle touchpoints – and set up automated communication that runs itself to drive customer satisfaction and revenue. Our customers are our biggest asset, and giving them an experience that matches the quality of our products is our main priority. That’s why we chose Voyado.”

 –­Carl Ögren, Head of CRM, CAIA.

CAIA Cosmetics sells makeup under its own brand on The company was founded in 2018 by Bianca Ingrosso, Vanessa Lindblad, Mikael Snabb, and Jesper Matsch and has undergone rapid growth since – as they are a well-established beauty brand today.

In 2020, sales were at 150 million SEK.



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