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Customer service as it’s meant to be

Create highly-personalized service experiences that increase customer loyalty with integrated data from Voyado and Dixa.

Dixa and Voyado

Tailored service experiences

Dixa is a conversational customer service platform that empower companies to build long-lasting bonds with their customers at scale. Dixa’s platform combines powerful AI with a human touch to deliver highly-personalized service experiences.

Integrating Dixa with Voyado Engage puts actionable customer insights in the hands of your support agents so they can deliver tailored support experiences to every single customer.

Dixas Voyado integration

Know each customer and their intentions

Easy access to cohesive and real-time data making it possible to deliver personalized experiences efficiently across channels.

  • Integrated data from Voyado and Dixa unlocks a comprehensive view of your customer making customer service easier than ever
  • Serve your agents with behavioural insights and customer preferences to deliver personalized experiences to everyone
  • Transactional data from all channels right at your agents fingertips, enabling data driven decisions and impressive service
Kids brand store

"We're thrilled with how seamlessly Voyado and Dixa integrate, enhancing our agent efficiency and providing a comprehensive solution for customer support and marketing needs."

“The integration streamlines our workflow and reduces the need to switch between tabs. Having recent emails and orders readily available in Dixa during customer conversations is invaluable.”

Joakim Häll, Head of Customer Satisfaction at Kids Brand Store

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Get a demo of the integration

Increasing your revenue with Voyado customer experience platform is easy, here’s how:
    • Understand your customers by tracking behaviors.
    • Offer product recommendations based on customer data.
    • Automate it! Emails, SMS, social connect, push notifications and more.


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