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Number of members

+18% compared to 2021

This is the number of members you have in your database.

Perhaps one of the most important KPIs to track is how many members you have in your loyalty program and how the numbers grow. You can keep this as a general number for all markets, or split them up by country and choose which you want to see on your dashboard when you log in.

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New members this month

+11% compared to March 2022

-5% compared to March 2021

New members this month

It’s important to know when your members are joining your loyalty program and thanks to this module you can easily see how many have joined over the past month. Compare it to the previous month and the year before with the arrows underneath.

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Sales last 12 months

+12% compared to 2021

Sales last 12 months

Perhaps the most important key metric that you want to see keep going up every time you log in. This module is taken from the Retail KPIs report and is based on the last 12 months.

The full report will go into more detail on where the sales are coming from with average receipt, articles per purchase etc. also being measured.

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Average receipt in the last 12 months

Average receipt in the last 12 months

Check your sales performance by looking at your average receipt. This is based on the Financial KPI report from the last 12 months.

The Full Financial KPIs report will go into more detail, such as average amount of articles per receipt and average purchase per contact. There you can also find a rolling graph of how your average receipt has performed over time.

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CLV per member

+24% compared to 27 Mar 2022

+21% compared to 27 Apr 2021

CLV per member

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV, or sometimes known as CLTV) is a predictive metric that indicates how much revenue your business can expect from a single customer during the time that is left in your relationship.

This is a valuable metric used to measure the estimated future financial value of each customer and can be included in a loyalty program strategy, for example when building automations and creating segments.

3,7 years

Anticipated customer lifetime

+11% compared to 27 Mar 2022

+14% compared to 27 Apr 2021

Anticipated customer lifetime

Based off predictive scoring, the anticipated customer lifetime module will calculate how long a customer will stay as a customer before churning. Voyado has numerous ways to work with predictive scoring to prevent customers from churning before it’s too late. By keeping an eye on each customer’s overall engagement, Voyado makes an assessment whether this customer shows signs of declining interest in your business. This is calculated by looking at things such as opening rates, click rates, purchase frequency, etc.

Stores with the highest purchase sum

Stores with the highest purchase sum

Keep track of how well your different stores are performing and compare them against one another. This graph can also include your e-commerce store to see how it stacks up against your physical stores.

This module is taken from the Purchase report. The full report in Voyado will show the stores with the highest total purchase amount, the number of items sold, and the most purchase occasions within the chosen filtering.

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