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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to getting in touch with us.

How do I become a partner with Voyado?

We're always happy to extend our network of savvy partners. Read more on the page become a partner, or book a demo to see if we're a match!

How do I get in contact with a salesperson?

Call us, send an email, or book a demo. We would love to talk!

Where can I get information on your pricing?

When you book a demo, a salesperson will call you. That’s the perfect opportunity to talk about your needs, how Voyado can help, and of course – the pricing.

Why book a demo of Voyado?

Because you owe it to yourself and your brand! Find out for yourself what it is about Voyado that makes so many retailers chose this particular customer loyalty platform.

It’s not just because Voyado is built specifically for retailers or because it’s so easy to use – it’s more than that. And that’s why you need to book this demo.

Fill out the form on your right, and we’ll reach out to set up a time.

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