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Our partners in this category are platforms and software like retail POS and e-commerce platforms. Our partnership with all these companies is based on making sure we work well together with our API’s so it’s easy for our customers to connect us.

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No longer a need to compromise between quality, speed and flexibility when it comes to understanding your customers and optimizing the value of your customer data. Based on worldleading AI research, Infobaleen offers an AI-powered data intelligence and personalization platform at a fraction of the time and cost it normally takes to set up and run. With a click, get all your data visualized in dynamic, predictive dashboards, and take action with personalized recommendations & AI auto-targeting campaigns omnichannel.

With Easycom, you can refine and improve your return process. By doing so, you secure money already earned, keep more of every penny and create profitable additional sales. The combined effect provides positive bottom-line results and frees up funds for e. g. sustainable investments.

Boost your business with ITX omnichannel customer cloud contact center solution that simplifies communication across all stakeholders externally and internally. Help your staff feel like a customer service superhero and treat your customers like VIP in everty interaction! Swicht beteween e-mail, social media, chat, live screen and video share to best serve your customers where they are, like never before. ITX helps you to invite all your customers to feel like home, an enable hyperpersonalized customer service also online. Sounds amazing but worried about complex implementations? Don’t be! This is a direct integration ready to get you started in no time.

Brink Commerce is a lightweight, high-performing, serverless, and headless eCommerce API, built for D2C brands and global retailers. Brink Commerce API is architected in a way that enables it to scale linearly without limitations within milliseconds. Brink Commerce is compatible with any front-end of your choosing and common 3rd party CMS, CRM, PIM, and ERP services through API.

Sitoo is a world-leading cloud-native mobile point of sale (mPOS) and omnichannel platform for global retailers. With a razor-sharp focus on unifying the in-store and online shopping experience, Sitoo empowers retailers to sell everywhere and fulfill anywhere.

Centra is the headless e-commerce platform that empowers DTC brands to serve advanced e-commerce globally”

Front Systems cloud based platform digitalize retail, unifies commerce and connects “best of breed”-applications to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. It’s mobile Point Of Sale gives retailers a competitive advantage by turning brick-and-mortar stores into digital warehouses enabling the convenience and experiences todays shoppers demand.

Norce is a Nordic leader in software-as-a-service (SaaS) commerce. We provide retailers, brands and B2B customers with powerful tools for growth. Through a composable architecture, an open platform (API-first) and cloud-based offering (True SaaS), we let solution partners and e-tailors create tomorrow’s customer journeys. Together, we accelerate the transformation of digital commerce.

Triggerbee helps you collect and use your customer data to create personalized website experiences both you and your customers will love.

Apptus offers an AI‑powered product discovery solution, designed for Lifestyle brands to always show the most relevant products across the entire site.

Centric connect retailers and consumers so they engage successfully. With technology, the relationship and interaction between consumer and retailer can be strengthened and a retailer can realise an efficient supply chain to be successful. Our solutions erase the distinction between channels so that you can offer your customers perfect service, in the shop and online, right up to the front door.

Episerver combine best-in-class content management, commerce and intuitive data and personalization solutions. Our leading digital experience platform (DXP) empowers teams with the tools and insights they need to create and optimize in new and novel ways.

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