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Voyado partners with Solteq to boost omnichannel customer loyalty

The partnership enables retailers to improve customer loyalty and provide more relevant product recommendations, across all channels.

Voyado, the customer experience cloud built exclusively for retailers and e-commerce brands, announces a strategic partnership with the leading provider of IT services and software solutions, Solteq. The partnership will strengthen Solteq’s omnichannel offering for retail customers to include Voyado’s market leading Engage and Elevate, built to enhance customer loyalty communication and product discovery.

Serving relevant recommendations online, in-store, and omnichannel is essential in today’s retail environment, so much so that it is seen as a hygiene factor within the industry. As the world of online commerce prepares to ban cookies, consumers are only willing to give up personal data in exchange for better and more personalized shopping experiences. The Voyado experience cloud collects all customer data in one single platform, enabling retailers to serve those relevant recommendations.

“We see Solteq as a strategic partner. The Solteq team brings wide experience of tech development and deployment of solutions that beautifully merges in-store and online, so that their retail customers truly can benefit from omnichannel commerce”, says Jesper Larsen, Partner Director at Voyado

With Voyado’s platform, customer loyalty will become part of Solteq’s offering. This means that Solteq can help retailers to truly understand and be more relevant to their customers, serving them with the right content, at the right time, in the right place.

“Our customer’s success in business is always on our mind. We take pride in delivering exceptional omnichannel commerce solutions and products. Our new partnership with Voyado truly fulfills our portfolio when it comes to marketing automation communication and customer experience through personalized offering”, says Juha Vuohelainen, Director of Digital Strategy at Solteq


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