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Haglöfs chooses Voyado as their CXP

Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs trusts Voyado to support them on their journey to create the best customer experiences – in physical stores and online.

One of the main reasons why Haglöfs chose Voyado is to connect their physical stores with their e-com site, and give their customers a seamless personalized experience.

“The future of Haglöfs is consumer-experience-lead. Hence, we need to help our consumers to experience Haglöfs the same way in physical stores as online via offline and digital marketing, and beyond. We believe that Voyado has a strong knowledge in many areas that are important to us and that they can help us reach our goals. We are excited to start working together with Voyado and create high value throughout our channels.”

– Josefin Sahlin, CRM & Content Manager at Haglöfs

And here’s what Johan Nyrelli, CXM/CRM Strategist at Voyado, says about this new partnership:

”I’m beyond excited to welcome Haglöfs to the Voyado family! They are very focused on giving their customers top experiences moving forward, and I can’t wait to follow their journey as they will use Voyado as their CXP”.

Haglöfs was founded 1914 in Sweden by Wiktor Haglöf. He was determined to create a backpack that would withstand the necessary journeys through the country, no matter the conditions. Since then, Haglöfs has sought constant progress, ventured into new territory, created technical designs that set a new standard in craftsmanship, and committed to doing all they can to ensure that the outdoors will still be there for future generations to explore.

Stay tuned for all the great things Voyado and Haglöfs will create together!

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