Facebook legal notes


Terms & conditions

Please note that when using Facebook Customer Audience you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions from Facebook. Voyado’s only responsibility is to provide an integration and transfer data as instructed by you and Voyado makes no undertakings with regards to the service, including but not limited to, its fitness, functions, lawfulness etc. You further agree to fully indemnify Voyado in the event of any third-party claims due to your use of the service.

Privacy Policy

When using Facebook Customer Audience the network will use targeted groups, which have been profiled based on the end-customer data Voyado either collects on behalf of the Customer, or data the Customer provides Voyado with. The external audiences will be shared with the networks, in the form of a list of hashed contact identifiers, currently including e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers, first name and surname, in order for the network to search for matches among their own user profiles. The network can only identify user profiles for which this data already exists. If this data does not exist (i.e. the e-mail address or mobile phone number have not been given for a profile), it cannot be uncovered. The recognized user profiles are then collected into a custom audience by the network. As a data controller you need to ensure that end-customer has been informed, and if deemed necessary as a legal base, that end-customer has agreed to such processing.

Please review the privacy policies, data processing addendums and other documentation made available by the networks for full information on the processing of personal data within the network and that Voyado accepts no responsibility for such processing.

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