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The perfect fit

sales increase in one year


are easier to measure than ever before


The challenge

One of Scorett’s biggest challenges was unorganized customer data that needed to be managed manually. Their membership club is made up of members from three different stores, Scorett, Håkanssons, Wallenbergs and Sneakers Corner. Members’ data had to be kept separate and was a hassle to manage.

It was also time to get more personal with their customers to create a shopping experience online that matched what customers experience in the physical stores. Without Voyado, Scorett hadn’t been able to target their communication much more than men vs women’s shoes. They also needed a way to automatically send communication to new members, for birthdays, abandoned carts and more. Additionally, Scorett didn’t have a digital option for promotions and only sent out physical vouchers in the mail for customers to redeem in their stores. The last challange was to find a better way to follow up on KPIs and analyze marketing and sales.

With the help of Voyado, we have been able to strengthen our offering all the way from physical stores to ecommerce. Increased insights about our customers and extensive follow-up of our marketing activities mean that we can be more relevant and get the right message in the right channel at the right time.

Annelie Silverby, CRM Manager at Scorett Footwear

The solution

New interface

In Voyado, Scorett were able to quickly import their customer data from all parts of the membership club and organize it accordingly in the platform. With all data in one place, Scorett can create segments based on age, gender, preferred store and more.

Future proof solution

Communication is now more targeted and personal than ever before. Customers receive emails with product recommendations based on their demographics and past purchases. Automations have also been set up in Voyado to automatically send emails or SMS when a customer registers, has a birthday or when they’ve made purchase and might appreciate tips on how to take of them. Promotions are now all managed in Voyado as well, vouchers can be sent out and used digitally and Scorret can track who uses their vouchers and send reminders to those who have not.

Support and Customer Success

With all their data in one place, the marketing team at Scorett can now easily analyze the statistics on their communication to see what’s worked and what needs improvement. They also have frequent meetings with the purchasing department where they check Voyado to see which items have sold the best, which gets more clicks on their emails and more.

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The result

Scorett now have the tool to get to know their customers on a deeper level and have achieved incredible results. Customer data is now organized, sorted into segments, communication is personalized and results are tracked – all in one platform.

With the introduction of Voyado and a new ecommerce platform, Scorett have increased their omnichannel customers and thereby their sales.


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