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The challenge

With unorganized data, NetOnNet couldn’t decipher who their customers were. They needed a membership club to collect data and create profiles on their customers and ultimately increase brand loyalty and retention.

Due to the lack of information on their customers, communication was impersonal and general offers were sent to everyone, regardless of who the customer was or what they’d previously purchased. It was very time-consuming to create reports of which items sold best and what customers wanted. The purchasing department needed a better analytical tool to assess what would optimize sales.


Voyado gives us the ability to quickly act on customers insights and successfully create great customer experiences.

Pär Gancarz, CRM Manager at NetOnNet

The solution

Due to Voyado’s similicity in integrating with other platforms (POS and e-commerce, etc.), NetOnNet’s IT department were able to start working immediately on importing their data and enriching customer profiles.

Purchases analyzed

To analyze sales and customer behaviors, NetOnNet now make reports on a quarterly basis by category (TV, Photo, Gaming etc). The reports show purchases, returns, interest in each product etc. This information is valuable to the entire company, for example the purchasing department who can base their upcoming purchases on these insights.

Customer insights

With the data gathered in one place, (including lifestyle data from Bisnode), NetOnNet could start to understand who their customers are and based on this they could create segments, for example by age group and marital status.

Personalized communication

Communication could now be as personalized as they wanted, from communicating to their entire customer base to targeting one customer at a time. For example, who has a garden and would appreciate lawnmower offers?, or who recently purchased an iPhone XR and might be interested in protecting it with a case? In addition, Voyado’s  easy-to-use marketing automation tool has also been set-up to continuously manage personalized customer journeys without the marketing team having to lift a finger.

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The result

NetOnNet can finally answer the question: “Who are our customers?” With audiences more targeted, engagement levels are much higher and open rates have nearly tripled. Voyado’s solution has doubled NetOnNet’s conversion rates. They’ve also found that members often buy more items and generally for a higher value.


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