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Recover lost sales with a shopping cart abandonment tool

Abandoned carts are the main reason behind lost sales for e-commerce stores. Around 75 (!) percent of people leave products in their cart without finishing the purchase. But hey – they’re not lost opportunities! With our shopping cart abandonment tool, you can send automated emails to bring customers back to your site and encourage them to complete their orders.

How to send impactful emails with a shopping cart abandonment tool

With Voyado, it’s easy as pie to set up an abandoned cart automation. Statistics show that these email reminders usually have an open rate of 50 percent, and at least 10 percent of customers come back to complete the purchase! Keep reading for some best practices – and don’t miss out on the free abandoned cart template that gives you 7 tips on:

  • What to include & how to structure the email
  • How to encourage the customer to make another purchase
  • How to use social media in your abandoned cart email

3 things every shopping cart abandonment email should hold

Abandoned cart emails are easy to create and work like a charm when you want to recover lost revenue. But there are a few things that are crucial to include in the emails before you send them out.

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A “this is what you left” reminder

People leave shopping carts behind for several – and sometimes unexpected – reasons. They might be forced to create an account, struggle with complicated checkout processes, or have internet issues. Regardless, it’s your job to make it simple for them to buy your products! Always display what your customer planned to purchase and hand them a link that easily takes them back to the cart. Also, skip the registration page and tempt the customer with other relevant products that they most likely will love.

Eye-catching email copy

The email copy should be snappy, clear, and compelling enough to entice customers to complete their purchase! Make sure to write a click-worthy subject line to get people to open the email – and add a sense of urgency to trigger a purchase!

A motivational CTA button

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons can differ in style and size, but their common goal is to motivate customers to come back for their products. When it comes to CTA copy, use a clear and concise text like “Shop now” or “Go back to cart” – or get creative with your word choice! Why not test different CTA texts to see which resonates with your specific audience?

Strategy tips for shopping cart abandonment emails

Timing is everything

Don’t send your abandoned cart emails too soon after someone left without completing a purchase – and don’t wait too long. Anywhere from one to five hours bring you the best results.

Encourage with a discount

A lot of customers abandon their carts because they realize the final price got too high. The easiest way to bring them back? Issue a discount!

Include social proof

Build trust and encourage customers to go through with their purchase with social proof! People love to hear what others have to say about a product, so use reviews or testimonials as part of the email.

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