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Get personal with product recommendations

“We are not interested in creating a personalized customer experience” – said no one ever. Personalization and on-point product recommendations is on everyone’s lips these days. This is an era of high-demanding customers that are expecting nothing but relevance and they anticipate your emails, social ads and SMS messages to be as spot-on as their Netflix homepage.

Product recommendation engine

We fully understand that personalization and product recommendations might feel like a big mountain to climb. And that it is a challenge to create interesting and relevant content for every single customer. That is why we have developed Voyado’s product recommendation engine to support you.

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How are product recommendations calculated?

So how do you send out communication that customers will appreciate and find relevant? You need a little bit of the magic that is AI. Voyado’s Product Recommendation tool looks at all historical purchases. It finds how products relate to each other through the behavior of your customers. Did buying one item often lead to others buying a matching accessory? The tool also looks at what a customer has previously looked at, added to their cart, or clicked on in social media. This way, Voyado learns your customers’ purchase behavior and can present a set of products your customers probably would want to buy.

How to present the recommendations

These recommendations can be presented in an email to the customer. All you have to do is drag the Recommendation module into the email and Voyado handles the rest. Interested in how to get started? Book a demo to start personalizing your product recommendations today!


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