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Effective advertisement – increase sales through targeted ad campaigns

Ads on social media and Google are pretty much standard for brands today. But how relevant are you, really? And we get it, the issue is time. You might not have time to create tons of different ads. But there is a way for you to create segmented lists and synchronize with both Google and Facebook to create effective advertisement. You can make sure the ads you create are seen by the right people who are most likely to buy! Read more about it in this blog.

How do you define effective advertisement?

An effective advertisement is the one that hits home. The ads that are relevant and drives traffic and sales. And it is the most effective when you can make sure it is pretty much spot on for anyone who sees it, not just a small amount of the receivers.

It’s also about hitting the right targets that you have set. What is the purpose of the advertising? Is it for example to get impressions or to get purchases? To reach these goals, you need to make sure you target the right audience with the right message. And, yes, you have heard all this before – but do you know how to actually incorporate this so that it’s super sharp?

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Examples of how to target your ads to the right customers

Creating the right audience for your ads is no longer about just setting interests and geographical requirements. With Voyados’ integration with Facebook and Google, you can export segmented lists that you create based on known data on your customers. Use this integration for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google Search, Google Display Network, Youtube, and Google Shopping. This is a simple yet very efficient way of creating ad campaigns and use Online Ads in Voyado to make sure the targeted customers find the ads relevant. You can create specific campaigns that fit certain areas of interest based on the purchase history you find on your customers in Voyado.

If you want to promote products that are high in stock, let’s say nail polish. Instead of targeting an audience based on gender and age, which is not a true audience for nail polish anymore since it’s used by both men and women, you base your target audience on interests and previous purchases.

How to synchronize your targeted campaigns on Google and Facebook

The best part of using this integration is that it’s super easy to set up.  Let’s use an example where a brand wants to create a campaign to sell more running shoes.

  • Create a segment in Voyado with customers who purchased running accessories in the past x months
  • Synchronize the segment to Facebook and/or Google
  • Build the segment in Google and/or Facebook and use the most relevant audience for your tennis campaign

This way, you make sure that your niched campaign is only seen by customers who have shown a genuine interest in related products. The synchronization between Voyado and Facebook and Google is based on hashed email addresses and hashed phone numbers. No personal information is exposed from Voyado.

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