Voyado Basic Support 2019-09-30

Voyado Basic Support


Voyado AB (the “Supplier”) shall deliver and maintain services for the cloud-based service Voyado (the “Service”), within the scope of the Licence Agreement.

The Supplier shall carry out the work in accordance with customary practice in the sector and at a standard of otherwise professional manner.

It is the responsibility of the Supplier to keep the Customer informed on an ongoing basis of any problems that have arisen or can be expected to arise.

The following services are included:

  • Access to a helpdesk via e-mail and telephone support during office opening hours (9 am – 5 pm) up to four (4) hours per month. The matters must be of such a nature that they directly affect the use of the Service’s basic functions or general problems with the Service.
  • Systematic 24/7 monitoring of the Service.
  • Ongoing product updates.

The cost of time for investigation, troubleshooting, further development, consultancy and training is usually charged pursuant to a current account. If troubleshooting results in showing that the problem was by a direct fault in the Service or the Supplier’s delivery, no charge will be made.


The following is not encompassed by the basic support:

  • Increased SLA
  • Support for local users
  • Support for end-users
  • Administration of customer-specific solutions
  • Monitoring of customer-specific integrations

Routines for support

Initially, the Customer’s superusers are responsible for dealing with questions arising about the Service. If the customer experiences problems with the Service and the cause of the error is in the solution delivered by the Supplier, then the Supplier must be alerted. Questions will be answered and faults dealt with according to the routines described in the SLA.

Voyado must be accessible on workdays between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. For faults that are reported and described as being an emergency after 5 pm or on a national holiday, the delivery and contact cannot be guaranteed before 9 am at the earliest on the next workday.

Contact information

Superuser at the Customer

A named person who is a superuser has the right to contact the support department via e-mail and telephone. Changes to the designated contact must be made in writing.

Contact information for support

support@voyado.com or +46 (0) 8 562 699 30

Issue reporting and mitigation

Reporting Low/Medium Priority

The superuser is responsible for notifying demands and experienced faults. Escalation will initially take place via e-mail with questions/problems and higher-than-normal priority being specified in the subject line. Other information required for the Supplier to quickly be able to attend to or provide feedback relating to reported issues:

  • A description of the fault.
  • How it is manifested.
  • If possible, how it can be recreated.
  • Information about which software, operating system, e-mail client, web browser version, etc., that is affected.

Escalation secondarily via telephoning the contact person specified above.

Reporting High/Urgent Priority

Critical faults that result in complete stops are to be sent immediately via support email and a copy is to be sent directly to the Supplier’s customer representative at the same time that the customer should call to receive immediate attention.

Issue Resolution

Depending on the priority pursuant to the SLA, the issue will be resolved in a test or production environment.

  1. Low and medium: The issue is first mitigated in a test environment and after coordinating this with the Customer, the mitigation will be implemented in the production environment in accordance with a planned release schedule.
  2. High and urgent: Depending on what the parties agree on, the mitigation may be deployed outside the planned release schedule.

The Customer is responsible for providing as much information as possible relating to demands or experienced deficiency.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The accessibility model below comprises the expected response rates for reported matters.

Priority Description First response (if reported during office hours) Ongoing feedback reporting
Critical Interruption of operation of the Service with business-critical consequences Immediate. Work is done until the situation is no longer critical. Ongoing as required
High Service problems causing a lot of work for the customer and/or badwill 4 hours Once a day
Normal Other issues, questions and problems (the usual priority). 2 workdays When solved
Low Issues that are not time-critical Within 5 workdays When solved
New development Demands that are not time-critical Planned and prioritized in consultation between the Customer and the Supplier. Separately

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